Das letzte Land

"Föllmer and Pesl are both superb in this two-hander, which naturally relies heavily on the actors to carry the weight of the film. Föllmer portrays Adem with a sort of reserved, optimistic melancholy, while Pesl invests his brusque alpha male with a manic obsessiveness.
Writer/director/cinematographer/editor Marcel Barion — who also did the breathtaking visual effects, which include gorgeous shots of outer space — creates a tense, claustrophobic setting within the spaceship, aided greatly by Massimo Muller’s masterful set design. [...] Barion and Oliver Kranz’s sound design is superlative, with each swipe of something dusty or dingy giving off sounds that practically make you feel the decay and squalor. The Final Land, a bold feast for the senses, is a mesmerizing journey that pits the wills and minds of two men against each other, themselves, and enigmatic outside forces."

- Diabolique Magazine, 10/2019 (Ganze Review)


"The Final Land would deserve plaudits for its design and cinematography alone. Channelling the sensibilities of films as diverse as Dark Star, Alien and Delicatessen, this imaginative piece of low-budget European cinema makes great play of a ship that’s almost entirely built of vents, ducts, pipes, shafts, dimly-lit display panels, grimy keypads and failing tech. Beautifully lit and shot, the intensity of these strangers’ shared predicament feels up close and palpable."

- Starburst Magazine, 5/2019 (Ganze Review)


"If you get the chance, you have to see this film.  It is a dark, subtle and remarkably well made deep space film, something that is far too rare these days."

- Mark Cole, Rivets on the Poster, 5/2019 (Ganze Review)


"Both Pesl and Follmer perform the roles admirably. Pesl shines when he’s going off the rails, whilst Follmer is the frustrated escapee, struggling to bring Pesl around to the reality. [...] A brilliant debut, a visual feast for the eye and a head-scratching sci-fi which, at times, is just what you want."

- OC Movies, 5/2019 (Ganze Review)


"The film itself had a similarly small crew, with the versatile Barion not just taking on the duties of director and writer, cinematographer and editor, but also helping with the score, production and sound design, visual and special effects. This feature debut, reducing space exploration to the womb of a spaceship (and to the uterine passages of a planet’s cave), is not too shabby after all, suggesting that Barion could go anywhere next."

- Sight & Sound (BFI), 5/2019 (Ganze Review)


"What The Final Land has [...] is an Odysseus style pull to its conclusion and a desire to look closer at our protagonists, their experiences and motivations and while that doesn?t sound like a thrilling adventure it is a brilliantly scripted, excellently performed and stunningly filmed one."

- Horror DNA, 5/2019 (Ganze Review)


"Eine spannungsreiche, transzendental aufgeladene Film-Melange, die den Beweis antritt, dass man für clevere Sci-Fi-Geschichten keineswegs nach Hollywood schielen muss."

- Kino-Zeit.de, 1/2019 (Ganze Review)


"Atmosphärisch dicht, eine Art „Das Boot“ im Weltall."

- Der Tagesspiegel, 1/2019 (Ganzer Artikel)



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